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Alliance Shippers Inc. Freight Directory

Canada, Mississauga

Alliance Shippers Inc.

In this time of global economic crisis, it is very important to keep your logistics budget, "as lean as possible" in order to remain competitive. Alliance Shippers Inc can offer our services and possible savings with our buying power and our mass presents in the industry. â�¢ Intermodal transportation within North America â�� Alliance Shippers moved over 800,000 containers last year â�¢ We are an Asset based company (with 2300 temp control 53' intermodal units in our fleet) â�¢ 31 + years of logistics experience operating since 1977. Now with 52 offices in North America â�¢ Customer service that is second to none, let us prove it to you. An Over the road transportation team, offering dedicated fleet for multiple loads or one off shipments. â�¢ An international division for your off shore shipping need, with contracts with most steamship lines. â�¢ Our LTL and expedited freight div will look after your partial truckloads â�¢ We also offer an air freight team for your shipping needs to and from any main airport in the world. â�¢ 4PL and freight audit services are one of the newest products we offer, we have several years of experience in freight management â�¢ The Perfect Shipment�® is your shipmentâ��picked up on time, delivered on time, delivered without exception and billed accurately with 100% customer satisfactionâ�¦. Please view our website for our on-Time- Pick up & Delivery performance Please feel free to contact me


Intermodal Transportation – Alliance Shippers Inc. is the largest privately owned IMC (Intermodal Marketing Company) in North America. Through our contracts with all railroads in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Alliance Shippers Inc. generated sales in excess of $700 Million U.S. and moved over 800,000 shipments last year Alliance Shippers Inc. owns a fleet of over 2700 trailers.

Truck Transportation – Through our network of 50 sales and operating offices in North America we have contracts with over 5000 motor carriers that allow us to provide competitively priced truck services. This service is for both Truckload and LTL shipments. One call to any Alliance Shippers, Inc. office puts fully insured carriers at your service—vans, trailers, flatbeds and specialized equipment for permit loads. All maintain an “exemplary” carrier rating and most feature advanced satellite-tracking capabilities

Rail Car shipments – Box car dry, Boxcar reefer, Flatcar, Gondolas, Tankers any and all steal wheel freight cars, we deal with the railroads throughout Canada USA and Mexico pricing, ordering, setting up, pick up and delivery times as well as tracking your shipment and reporting it to you as often as you need us to.

LTL – Coordinating shipments across the continent at competitive rates, a large fleet of trucks provide a wide variety of clients with reliable overnight pick up and delivery services. An LTL division of Alliance Shippers, called Selective Transportation offers a full-range of affiliated assembly, consolidation, distribution and warehousing services including direct LTL service, bar coding, complete network tracking and computerized perpetual inventorying as well as state-of-the-art security services to name a few. Whatever your unique shipping requirements, Selective Transportation has the in-house capabilities to custom tailor a solution with one-stop ease, speed and convenience.

Warehousing – Organizing storage facilities when needed for full time storage or just for a day. Our facility in Keasbey, NJ, centrally located within 20 miles of New York City and 87 miles of Philadelphia, PA, is 360,000 square feet with 186 truck docks on 29 fenced acres. It is a full service facility providing warehousing, consolidation, distribution, and value added services. We also offer warehousing in every major city across Canada the US and Mexico.

TPC-Thermal Protective Cover
TPC (The reefer alternative) In addition to our Intermodal Reefer units we also offer a revolutionary product Exclusive to Alliance Shippers, Inc., our Temp Control 'R® is a new Thermal Protective Cover (TPC). The TPC is very easy to use and protects your temperature-sensitive shipments from fluctuations in cold and heat regardless of outside weather conditions, making it an alternative to conventional insulated or refrigerated equipment. From origin to final destination the numerous tests preformed on the TPC prove time and time again that this is a superior product that has served our customers diligently with a temperature change of only two degrees per day of transit on coast-to-coast shipments. Temp Control 'R® is a very viable and cost effective alternative for many different products – We guarantee it! Call us to day to discuss our Intermodal Reefer fleet or the TPC blanket, the alliance alternative to your Temperature control needs.

Ocean Freight
Ocean Freight – Alliance Shippers Inc. is an NVOCC provider for ocean freight. We ship over 600,000 containers per year and have volume contracts with all major steam ship lines.

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