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Av-Dor Express Line Ltd. Freight Directory

Israel, Ramat Gan

Av-Dor Express Line Ltd.

. AV-DOR Express Line Ltd. Av-Dor Express Line Ltd. – your Cargo specialist Av-Dor Express Line Ltd., a fully authorized forwarding agency in Israel, is the result of the successful merger (2001) of two leading companies in the Israeli forwarding market: Av-Dor International Forwarders & Consultants Ltd. and Express Lines Ltd, thereby doubling the power and influence in the local market and opening new horizons for the company's abilities. By merging we proved that 1+1 = 3, supporting our customers with more service for less of a price. As one of the pioneers in Israeli trade with the Far East markets, we are fully experienced with all the complicated and sometimes frustrating requirements and necessities for both import and export in the region. We are an authorized agent of the Savino del Benne Group worldwide, which has allowed us the advantage and flexibility to control and monitor the Far East, European and American regions. We provide weekly consolidation services from every place of origin in China, as well as from Singapore, which serves as our logistics center for Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. In addition, we provide services to India and Thailand. We further provide weekly consolidation services from Italy, Spain, Germany and the US East Coast. We also provide regular airfreight consolidation services from major airports in Europe, USA and the Far East. Project Cargo - One of our expertises is troubleshooting - Our team combines skills and knowledge for optimum and efficient services allowing us to offer tailor made results to any requirement. Let us worry about your entire cargo headache, that is what we do best – enabling you concentrating on what you do best. At Av-Dor Express Line Ltd., we have the ability to provide a competitive, comprehensive, and personalized service. The company directors each have personal extensive experience in the freight forwarding and shipping business worldwide for more than 20 years. We feel that this experience, along with a staff of highly able professionals, gives us the ability to provide competitive and efficient services to all our customers worldwide. International Logistics is our profession, we bet we can do it better for you.


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Being an experienced freight forwarding company, we believe that providing a personal touch enables us to compete in today's market. Today, many freight forwarding companies are merging to form large conglomerates, no longer providing the special services that a modest but professional company can provide. Most clients prefer to deal with efficient and friendly personnel whose aim is to satisfy their client's needs. We are small enough to provide quality services and large enough to meet all of our client's needs.

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