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Browman Freight Services Inc. Freight Directory

Canada, Markham

Browman Freight Services Inc.

We are heavily involved in the following trade routes for cargo originating anywhere in North America (Canada, U.S., Mexico): * Far East (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia) * Indian Subcontinent (India and Pakistan) * North Atlantic (UK, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium) * Mediterranean (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece) * Middle East (Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia) The current volume that we handle to the above destinations allows us to offer exceptionally competitive rates to these particular regions. Our sales development team is continuously working on securing new business to other regions as the trading environment changes. Browman Freight Services Inc is an independently owned and operated Freight Forwarder serving destinations worldwide. Incorporated in 1981, the company initially focused on the exports of Lumber and other Wood Products destined primarily to Europe and Asia. As the Shipping Landscape has evolved over the years, so too has Browman Freight, and we have now expanded our focus to include other commodities most of which are destined to China, Europe and the Indian Subcontinent. Our staff has over 75 years of combined logistics experience forming the infrastructure to what many consider to be one of the most knowledgeable and competitive Firms in the industry. Some of the Products that we are currently handling are:


Container Shipping
Browman Freight Services Inc specializes in the international transportation of containerized cargo worldwide. Our services cover a broad area and are outlined below: Intermodal Haulage Through our vast network of Trucking agents located throughout the U.S. and Canada we’ll arrange for containers, flatbeds or Vans to be positioned at your loading facility and delivered back to the Ramp or Port for further delivery to final destination.

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