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Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation Freight Directory

United States, Groveland

Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation

The goal of Carroll Fulmer has always been to build an organization that could serve as a benchmark for the truck transportation industry. His philosophy for establishing such a company is to provide the customer with good personal service, quality equipment, fair pricing and overall operational integrity. The clients have responded well to this practical philosophy, and today, Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation is considered one of America's premier transportation companies, and indeed, a benchmark for the trucking industry. The company's name has become synonymous with the best in performance and has achieved a reputation unsurpassed in today's marketplace. We've been with Carroll Fulmer and family for more than 10 years as both an agent and employee. Everyone in the company has been most supportive of our efforts. What we like best is the hands off attitude the Fulmer's take. They leave us alone to do what we do, making sure to provide us the tools they offer which include IT, communication, insurance and the other things the home office should provide. They make sure we do everything we need to do to get our drivers paid, beyond that leaving us alone to operate as we decide. It's almost like running a separate company without the headaches of the corporate paperwork. We do sales and operations, they do everything else and when we need some help, it's only a phone call or email away.


Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation offers coast to coast services and everything in between via 53 foot vans, flat-beds, lowboys and container service.

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