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Canada, Nova Scotia

Clarke Inc.

At Clarke Inc., we are focused on one overarching goal in everything we do: uncovering and creating long-term shareholder value and profitable growth. Clarke Inc. is the Halifax-based parent company of a number of wholly-owned operating companies and divisions, and is an activist catalyst investor with a diversified portfolio of investments. Clarke has operating companies in the transportation services business; from time to time, we also participate in joint ventures when they offer the opportunity to create shareholder value. Clarke invests in undervalued businesses and participates actively where necessary to enhance performance and increase returns. Our investment strategy includes an ongoing evaluation of the market, and continuous adjustments to align our activities with market realities. When conditions permit, Clarke will realize on those investments that have matured where appropriate value can be obtained. During challenging periods in the market, Clarke will look to invest at attractive prices and will work with its investee businesses to improve results and increase the value of Clarke's investment. While this pattern may lead to quarters in which the Company's Investment Segment does not deliver large overall gains, the Company believes it will promote long-term value creation for Clarke shareholders.


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George Armoyan, the Executive Chairman of Clarke Inc., is an entrepreneur with a proven track record in mergers, acquisitions and capitalizing on turn-around opportunities, and is widely recognized for the effectiveness of his prudently aggressive approach.

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