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Diakinisis S.A. Freight Directory

Greece, Aspropyrgos

Diakinisis S.A.

Profile DIAKINISIS S.A. is considered today as the Pioneer of logistics in Greece, with the largest market share in third-party logistics (3PL) services, offering integral supply chain management solutions. Our company does not involve in international freight forwarding. Geographically, our premises are situated in locations of strategic value. Aspropyrgos is known to be a superb location, not only because of its vicinity to the Athens metropolitan area (where more than 50% of the total consumption is concentrated), but also in terms of the easy access to the major motorway networks (3 km. Athens-Corinth Motorway, 1 km. Athens Ring Road), ports and railways (2 km. New Thriasio Cargo Station). Similarly, our Salonica branch in Kalochori is equally ideally situated to tap the Salonica metropolitan area, as well as a cross-docking hub for Northern Greece since it is just off the Athens-Salonica Motorway. Finally, our Patras branch in Western Greece enhances further our potential for a prompt coverage of the markets on a pan-Hellenic scale.


Services - Products In short, the range of services we cater for our clients is presented below: Collection of goods as per clients' request from customs, airport, production site etc. Transportation of goods to our premises. Unloading of goods to our warehouses, quantitative and qualitative - external macroscopic - inspection. Warehousing of goods, classification and monitoring of these per item - per SKU - per lot/batch number (traceability) - per expiry date (best before). Dry warehousing (ambient) as well as at controlled temperature and humidity. Warehouse management via WMS system of cordless R/F communication (radio frequency) optimizing the utilization of available space, minimizing the flow/handling of goods, and avoiding the human error. Receipt of our clients' daily orders through on-line electronic communication with our clients. Administration, preparation and collection (picking) of our clients' daily orders within our specialized picking areas/picking tunnels. Routing of clients' orders via Auto Routing optimization software systems. Checking of ready (picked) orders and loading of these on distribution vehicles. Communication-confirmation to our clients regarding the execution of their orders through our on-line electronic communication. Computerized printing of vehicle accompanying - fiscal - documentation (Delivery Notes "on behalf" of our clients, Invoices). Distribution and delivery of goods to the final recipients. Re-collection of obsolete goods - handling of quarantine items - destructions. Handling of returns (reverse logistics). Handling of empty wooden pallets (administrative monitoring, re-collection and warehousing). Collection of CODs (cash-on-delivery) on behalf of our clients. Special co-packing, re-packaging, promotional packaging, labeling etc. in our Promotional Packaging Dept., fully equipped with contemporary mechanical hardware and certified by ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9002. Full IT support of the entire spectrum of company operations. Monitoring and support of all stages of the flow of goods from their receipt to our premises till their delivery to the final recipients through our Customer Service Dept. Collection, statistical analysis of data and issuance of management information (reporting) and value-adding results to our clients, such as P/L per product/group through Activity Based Costing (ABC), trend analysis, cost/benefit studies etc. Monitoring of performance indices (ΚPI's), order lead times, productivity, quality, minimization of returns, aiming for continuous improvement and supply chain efficiency.

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