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I.C.E. Logistics Inc. Freight Directory

Canada, Mississauga

I.C.E. Logistics Inc.

I.C.E. Logistics Inc. started business in 1997 in the classic entrepreneurial way: One person, One cell phone, One dream. Since then, I.C.E. has moved millions of tons of freight throughout the world and gained a reputation for great service. We have grown from a one person operation to a team of over 15. How do we do it? At I.C.E., great service comes from our experienced, trained professionals who know the transportation industry. We know that you want your freight moved on time, on budget, and intact - We plan your move accordingly. When the move is booked we ask all of the right questions and make all of the arrangements before the freight is loaded. We use your specific requirements to pick a carrier who can handle the move. This is not as easy as it may seem. Over the years we have found that even though some carriers advertise that they can do anything, they really only do one or two things exceptionally well. We deal with the carrier's strengths. We found that carriers work better when they are given all of the information that they need to know to do the job properly. We give them that information. We found that carriers who are financially stable tend to have fewer delivery problems. We check them out. We found that the best carriers are the ones who do things at a fair price without cutting corners. We ask for references. When we make the call, we know that we have the right carrier for your freight. We regularly follow-up with the carrier while your goods are in transit. This ensures any unexpected surprises are dealt with before they grow out of control. After your freight is delivered, we review your shipment to ensure that it was done to perfection. In the end, you save time, money, and worry.


I.C.E. Logistics Inc. offers air and ocean freight services from point to point, around the globe. We take pride in providing our customers with outstanding service, while maintaining cost effectiveness. Whether you are looking to move your cargo on the next flight out or the next available sailing, we have access to worldwide ocean carriers and airlines to service each customer's needs. With the help of our international agents, I.C.E. Logistics' service professionals will keep customers informed about current regulations and requirements, and offer the best advice possible in order to ensure your cargo will get from origin to destination without delay. In addition to superior customer service, we offer customers peace of mind by providing updated and current information on the status of shipments.

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