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Jori International Ltd. Freight Directory

Canada, Alberta

Jori International Ltd.

JORI INTERNATIONAL LTD. is a privately owned company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, offering Customs Brokerage, Customs Consulting, Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services. current staff represents over 150 years experience in Customs Brokerage with five customs brokers and over 100 years combined Freight Forwarding experience. commitment to excellence and personalized service has enabled the company to grow into a formidable force in the Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding industry. Its diverse clientele relies on JORI's knowledge and expertise to simplify their imports and exports for both customs clearance and transportation. By using JORI INTERNATIONAL LTD. as your import and export specialists, you transfer your logistics headaches to the professionals, letting you concentrate on what you do best. JORI INTERNATIONAL LTD. was incorporated in 1994, to take over Lynch Customs Brokers. Canada concludes negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement with Panama. Both countries will now carry out a detailed legal review of the text after which the FTA can be signed and made public. More... Rising energy exports nearly eliminated Canada's trade deficit in June. Imports, which have been on a downward trend since October 2008, fell for the fourth consecutive month. More... Open sky air transport agreement between Canada and South Africa. The agreement provides rights for airlines to operate passenger and all-cargo flights. More... Customs compliance: beyond duties and taxes. The quality of trade data is directly linked to the reliability of the information provided to CBSA. More...


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- GROUND FREIGHT SERVICES A single road carrier cannot offer the diverse services required by today's shippers. To satisfy your needs, whether they be Import, Export or Domestic transportation, we have assembled an impressive group of preferred carriers for each sector. JORI INTERNATIONAL LTD. can customize a package to meet your needs whatever they may be. Whether you are looking for; * A wider choice of equipment. * More service points. * Better costs vs. services. * Faster transit times. * Hands on control.

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