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Logistik in XXL Freight Directory

Germany, Braunschweig

Logistik in XXL

Since fall 2003 we have been certified by the Dekra in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, for the same time we have also been certified in accordance with the HACCP foods regulation. Foods transports belong to our core competence. For example, our special logistics for mills demands the highest standards of foods hygiene and extreme care. What you should know about us: * we are certified * we have longstanding experience in logistics * we are service-oriented * up to date fleet management * GPS-controlled vehicles * prompt and reliable time management * just-in-time delivery * silo-logistics for foods * specially trained drivers * distribution and outsourcing * automotive logistics * special logistics for mill-, steel-, beverage-, dimensional and heavy-freight transports XXL, fast & experienced The XXL headquarter in Braunschweig The XXL headquarter in Braunschweig "logistics in XXL" is a joint venture of different logistics branches, our effective cooperation offers you even more advantages: * comprehensive services * increased flexibility through high capacities * fast and professional action * efficient procedures * utmost economic viability of your transports


From company-owned forwarding to outsourcing For many years now we have successfully integrated fleets, including personnel, into the XXL joint venture. Fact is: as a specialised external company we are able to realise logistic demands more efficiently and effectively than smaller company-owned fleets. The advantages for your business: * you have stable factors to calculate with * no fluctuation in fleet and staff * you don’t have to calculate overhead expenses for your delivery to the customer * no more driver fluctuation due to illness * outsourcing helps you minimise expenses because you don’t have to bother about the cost-intensive factors of fleet and staff * you profit from the comprehensive and professional logistics service of the XXL group at all times If you want to run your business even more cost-effectively, talk to us about conditions.

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