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Maisliner Transport Freight Directory

Canada, LaSalle

Maisliner Transport

Maisliner offers a complete transport solution to over 5,000 customers worldwide. A combination of our expertise in truck, ocean, air and supply chain management, which includes warehousing and distribution services, enables our team to meet all your logistics requirements. ? Less Than Truckload and Truckload service throughout North America ? Worldwide LCL and Full Container service ? Worldwide Air Freight Service ? Warehousing and Distribution ? Small Parcel Consolidation In 1945, four Canadian brothers borrowed a thousand dollars to make a down payment on a used truck. From these modest beginnings, operating from their mother's kitchen, they launched a local cartage service. The original group was later joined by three more brothers and a brother-in-law. Together, they transformed the modest initial investment into one of the largest trucking companies in North America: Maislin Transport. During the early years, Maislin operated from two locations: Montreal and New York. The primary commodities transported were fish from Canada to the United States and fruit from the United States to Canada. During the next ten years, the company was incorporated and grew rapidly; opening offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Champlain, New York as well as in Toronto, Ontario with Montreal serving as the base of operations. In time, the company expanded its operations in Ontario, Quebec, New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. The Maislin name on trucks became synonymous with fast, safe and dependable service covering a wide area in the United States and Canada. In late 1972, Maislin Transport became a public corporation trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Montreal Stock Exchange (now known as the Montreal Exchange) as part of the Maislin Industries Limited Group. Although the economy was experiencing a downturn in the late 70s, a time when most trucking companies suffered losses, Maislin was running a profitable operation and so the decision was made to purchase Gateway and Quinn Motor Freight, two transport companies, for strategic purposes. During that same period the United States and Canadian governments deregulated the transport industry. The combined effects of deregulation and recession in North America, including stagflation, with 18% interest rates, forced Maislin to close its doors in 1982. In 1984, Morrie Maislin, a veteran of the transport industry and his brother Alan, began Maisliner Transport. Maisliner operated a small terminal in LaSalle, Quebec and formed a strategic alliance with a company in New York. As sales increased, Maisliner formed another alliance with a company in New England with the goal of providing 24 to 48 hours service to existing clients. In time, Maisliner also opened a California to Canada direct service. At present, Maisliner runs with its own equipment between Montreal and NY/NJ, New England, Los Angeles, the Carolinas, and Georgia. For all other points, we work in conjunction with our interline partners to offer complete North American coverage. To complement our ground service, we have added a logistics division that offers worldwide ocean and airfreight services as well as a cross-border division that offers small parcel service, warehouse and distribution to and from the United States.


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Every shipment is unique. When you choose the Maisliner Direct Service, you can be sure that we treat each one of your loads with great care. Our objective is to get your freight from door to door in the fastest, most cost effective way, claims free. We can pick up your pallets in Canada or the United States and deliver them directly to your customer's dock in the same truck or you may choose to have one of our delivery agents handle the first or final leg of the trip. Maisliner offers competitive pricing on your shipments whether it be for a 400 pound or 5,000 pound shipment. Our pricing structure allows you to save on carrier fees and reduces administrative costs. Call us @ 800-363-2121 to speak with one of our customer service representatives, they will be glad to answer any of your questions. Our team thanks you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about our company.

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BEWARE. We were hired to delivery a 911 system for Maisliner. Its been 8 months and our company has NOT been PAID. I have left several messages and emails and received not response. Reliable Mover Auburn NY

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