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Quick Delivery Service, Inc. Freight Directory

United States, Illinois

Quick Delivery Service, Inc.

Our customers deserve the highest level of service, and our goal is to provide that for them. Whether you place your order on the Internet or by phone, we'll make your life as easy as possible. You can return to your work and relax with complete confidence, knowing that your shipment will arrive exactly as you expected. Prior to obtaining his first authority (license), Randy Seiler had to present proof that he could handle the business. This required attending court hearings, held by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ILCC), and bringing proof of shipper support. The first authority was issued on Quick Delivery Service's first day of business, September 30th, 1983. The first Authority issued by ILCC was very limited, only allowing delivery of electrical supplies, office supplies, printed matter, and beauty supplies, and only within a 50-mile radius of Chicago. Now it was time to get down to business. Randy bought 500 business cards, a telephone answering machine, and a full-size van. Quick Delivery Service, Inc., had officially begun. As the first and only employee, Randy remembers his humble beginnings. He did his first delivery for $6.00 for his first client, Englewood Electric in Hoffman Estates. "The whole first week netted me $18.00", Randy says. His second account was a company called Allstate Press. By the end of his first year, Randy was able to purchase another van, but that was very short-lived. The van was sold shortly thereafter because of maintenance problems, and the first Independent Contractor signed on after almost a year in business. The work consisted mainly of local small-package deliveries.


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