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SG Logistics (Pvt) Ltd Freight Directory

Pakistan, Karachi

SG Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

About Us (Who We Are) SG Logistics has been a leading freight handling and shipping concern of Pakistan. Over a Very Short period we have developed a tightly integrated network of air freight, sea freight, and ground freight facilities for our customers. SALIENT FEATURES SG Logistics component in the 3 principals surface , air and sea . SG Logistics guarantees a full services from small parcels shipment to the transportation of major industrial projects undertaking administration and customs formalities. Capable of the most modern global operations in shipping and freight forwarding , allowed us to develop close relationship with all major carriers . For though it is one of the largest N.V.O.C.C.(Non -Vessel Operation Common Carrier ) in Pakistan . Our Mission SG Logistics many years legacy continues with its philosophy to transport goods quickly, efficiently and economically worldwide. Our main objective is for your products to arrive always on time and in good order, allowing you to concentrate in your business Transportation logistics involves more than trucks, trains, boats or planes. Constant communication, information and coordination between parties are crucial factors for the successful movement of goods from origin to destination


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We have acquired a wide range of experience in a shipping field, with a particular emphasis on export and import of cargo as N.V.O.C.C. Moreover, in consideration of the scope and complexity of modern global operations in shipping and freight forwarding, we have a sales force highly trained in the shipping field,the air freight field, and in ground freight, and more than capable of working in accordance with a customer's requirements. Services > SG Logistics manage your global project with proven methods and performance that meets your requirements. For LCL cargo , SG consolidates smaller shipments into full container loads at substantial cost savings due to our volume as the industry leader. Unlike shipping lines , the smaller shipper is never an inconvenience to us ; as we tie international network efficiently to the different parts of the world together with reliability and consistent specialized needs.

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