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Speed Shipping Agencies Freight Directory

India, Kolkata

Speed Shipping Agencies

Speed Shipping is a leader in the freight forwarding market with it's global network of offices. Speed Shipping is able to deliver competitive advantage through it's logistics services. Through our On-Line Tracking & Tracing application, we provide our customers with Shipment documentation, door to door visibility and data extraction capabilities. Our Customers benefit from one extensive experiance and knowledge of many major industries including retail, fashion, automotive, food & beverages in creating transportation solution to suit their needs in all areas of the world. Speed Shipping is customer-orient to ensure customer satisfaction, expedient and friendly services. Welcome to speed shipping Agencies, India. Speed Shipping, a leading forwarding company, is offering specialized logistics services to Exporters and Importers. Speed Shipping is Strategically located in Kolkata, (India), the second largest cargo handling port in India. with Speed Shipping. our customers have access to a wide range of specialized services tailored to their logistics needs under one roof. At Speed Shipping, we have a product focused approach; we have developed our own in house packing, handling & forwarding techniques which takes into account your merchandise, it's fragility, it's shape, it's size and value, so that to ensure a safe delivery of your valuable cargo to it's final destination.


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Speed Shipping, sea freight division has gained experience,knowledge and put strong emphasis on transporting & handling cargoes. It's professionalism in this particular field is based on the mission to provide refined services to all our clients. We are the main consolidator for cargoes from India to Europe, USA, Australia, Far East & China, Gulf. The experience gained has now made our company one of the leading Indian Freight forwarder in the field to Transportation by Air & Sea. We have an excellent relationship with all renowned shipping carriers worldwide.

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