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Sudarshan Cargo Private Limited Freight Directory

India, Bangalore

Sudarshan Cargo Private Limited

With a track record that goes back 22 years, Sudarshan Cargo is one of the country's leading "Licenced Customs House Agents" with an IATA accreditation. Headquartered in Bangalore, we have full-fledged branches in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Tuticorin, Hyderabad and Delhi. In India, our network reach is extensive, enabling cargo clearing and transhipment that is handled seamlessly. We work with real-time logistics to arrive at the most reliable and cost-effective routes - networking with airports, seaports, railway hubs and other cargo transit points. We also work closely with overseas partner hubs in over 25 countries. Our scope of services broadly covers freight forwarding, import & export consolidation. Followthrough services cover customs clearance, bonded warehousing and distribution. On a larger canvas, we extend our scope of services into logistics and supply chain networking, and have put in place hard-working customer support practices and standards. What clients find useful with us, is our experience in documentation, to speed up the delivery cycle on consignments within committed schedules. We also offer bonded warehousing facilty in bangalore and chennai and distribution of goods within the country.


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Our scope of services broadly covers freight forwarding, custom brokerage, bonded warehousing, domestic movement and other value added services. Our capability portfolio is typically, "end-to-end" and we cover a comprehensive range of services. What is important here is our experience in the business, which goes a long way in pulling out all the stops. With today's pace of global market reach you need dedicated teams assigned to each job - to handle the documentation, to ensure compliance with laid down procedures and to actually track each consignment along its pre-shipment and post landing routes. What our clients find reassuring is the level of efficiency and standards compliance that we ensure on the job. Which can be complex, because each assignment comes with a unique set of start-to-finish routines and turnaround challenges - calling for processes that are deadline sensitive, transparent and feedback supportive.

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