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Tri- Alliance Freight Services Inc. Freight Directory

Canada, Mississauga

Tri- Alliance Freight Services Inc.

Create success for our customers through strong partnerships with them, their suppliers and our service providers? a three-way strategic working relationship i.e. "Tri-Alliance" * Provide our clients with timely access to information. * Negotiate with our service partners on a regular basis to continuously improve the levels of service we offer them. * Establish and maintain open and efficient avenues of communication for mutual cooperation and business growth. Tri-Alliance Freight Services Inc., a 100% Canadian and a privately owned incorporated company was established in the year 2000 to provide all aspects of international freight forwarding and logistics services. It was a time when mergers and acquisitions was the only way large multi-national freight companies could be competitive. Such mergers and acquisitions resulted in staff reductions, which lowered service levels and caused customer dissatisfaction. Tri-Alliance Freight Services Inc. realized that customers were demanding personal, dedicated and customized services, and not receiving it. Tri-Alliance was born to bridge this gap. We offer Complete Customer Satisfaction . The company has its main office strategically located in Canada's business hub ? Ontario. All global operations are controlled at this point. We have partnered with reputable international freight forwarders in every major city in the world to create a unique network of professional and experienced industry experts. Customer service through one-on-one communication is our strength. We quote on services only after we completely have an understanding of our customers' needs. Tri-Alliance Freight Services does not advertise itself ? our customers do it for us! Our name says it all ? we build an alliance with you, our customer and our service providers to truly partner together, and form a successful business alliance.


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We provide international and domestic freight handling services including forwarding, logistics, and warehousing. Services are customized based upon your transit window i.e. your timing and your unique cargo requirements. We provide you with options from the most economical (longer transit) service to a high priority service. Our global service partners can provide you with services anywhere in the world. babyinternet Our modes of transportation include all three: Sea, Air, and Land. babyinternet Types of Services: * Port-to-Port // Port to Door // Door to Port. * Airport-to-Airport // Airport-to-Door // Door-to-Airport. * Door-to-Door. * Customs Clearance. * Pick & Pack. * GOH – Garments on Hangers. * Warehousing & Distribution. * Third Party Logistics (3PL). * Vessel/Airline Charters. * Complete Project management.

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