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When shipping freight to Oceania, you will need to transport the goods via air, road, rail, ocean or sea. Perhaps you will want to use a combination of transport modes in order to take advantage of the benefits each method brings. This is known as intermodal transport.

Freight companies in Oceania base their reputation on how quickly, efficiently and safely they can move consignments. Be sure to choose a company that is bonded, insured, and licensed by the appropriate authorities. Fill out our quick form above and you'll receive up to 5 free quotes from freight companies who can ship items to Oceania.

For your international freight to Oceania, please select from the following destination countries:

American Samoa
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Isl.
Cook Islands
Guam (US)
Marshall Islands
New Caledonia (Fr.)
New Zealand
Norfolk Island
Northern Mariana Isl.
Papua New Guinea
Pitcairn Islands
Polynesia (Fr.)
Solomon Islands
Wallis & Futuna Islands

What to consider when looking for International Freight to Oceania:
Freight companies in Oceania should be judged based on their quotes, prices, level of service, qualifications, shipping insurance, professionalism and international shipping networks.

Perhaps you will decide to use a freight forwarder in Oceania because they often provide more freight services than a traditional air freight or truck freight company. International freight forwarders act as agents to guide you throughout the entire shipping process. They coordinate each method of transit required and handle all the documentation needed. Some third-party logistics providers in Oceania can also package, label and/or store goods if necessary.

Every freight company in Oceania needs to consider the fact that a combination of transport modes will allow them to be more flexible and offer better service, which translates into cost savings and referral business. If you are sending Full Container Loads (FCLs) of freight to Oceania then you probably have a lot of goods to move. In this case, ocean freight transport might be the best mode for you. Check to see if the freight company in Oceania can pick up the containers from your warehouse, factory or nearby port. On the other hand, if you don't have enough goods to fill up an entire container, you will need to share it with other people or business who want to move freight to Oceania. This is a Less Than Container Load (LCL). In this case, it's wise for you to ask the freight company in Oceania if it will do the packing for you. If they won't then you should find a freight forwarder in Oceania who is willing and able to arrange your products on a pallet and consolidate the shipment.

Freight companies in Oceania will issue a bill of lading which lists the contents of the shipment, fees, and outlines the limits of liability and procedures concerning transfer instructions and claims. This formal contract is not a document of title to the goods, rather, it specifies who the consignor and consignee is, as well as all the charges involved. Be sure to keep your bill of lading in a safe place, because you will also need to show this document to obtain insurance for the freight you are sending to Oceania.

Compare Free Quotes
In The Freight Industry
from up to 5 professional companies
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